Location:     2321 Interstate Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81505

RFI's, are due in writing to the contact below

Project Scope:     Remodel of existing building to accommodate the proposed floor plan.  Work includes renovations to existing full finish office area with a relocation of stairs and complete remodel of a restroom to meet ADA requirements.  Existing unfinished area to be remodeled and includes new masonry walls with cells filled solid with 3,500 psi concrete, structural footings for proposed masonry work.  Portions of the existing concrete slab in the shop area to be removed and replaced with new 18" thick reinforced concrete slab.   Trades include: Excavation (interior); Fencing; Concrete; Masonry; Fabricated Metals; Diamond Plate Steel; Light Gage Framing; Rough Carpentry; Casework and Tops; Insulation; Roofing; Doors, Frames & Hardware; Overhead Door; Drywall; Paint; Polished Concrete; Flooring; Acoustical Ceiling; Toilet Accessories; Plumbing; Mechanical; Electrical; Phone & Data.
Taxes: The project is not tax exempt. Please include taxes in proposal.

Please complete the lower portion of this ITB and email this document to the email address below.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at (970) 245-9343. Thank you!

Dan Kirk
Ford Construction Company Inc.
Phone: (970) 245-9343
Email: fordman@fordconstruction.org