BIDDING - Truscott Stair Replacement

Location:        10-70 Truscott Place, Aspen, CO 81611
Accepting Proposals by Email: No Later than 4/10/2023 end of day.
Ford’s formal bid is due to the client on 4/12/2023.
RFI’s: Are to be submitted by email no later than 4/3/2023. Emails only.
Plans & Specifications: See Email Attachments
Project Scope: Remove and replace exterior stairs, refinish walkways, add lighting.
Bid Form:      Standard proposal on company letterhead.
Project Schedule:
There is a scheduled site visit on 3/23/23 at 1:00 PM. Location: 10 Truscott Place. Aspen, CO 81611.
            Pre-Submittal Question Deadline:      4/3/2023.
            Deadline for Proposal Submittal:       No Later than 4/10/23 end of day.
            Anticipated Construction Duration:   To be in phases per plans/specs. Final phase completion is 10/31/23.

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Please complete the lower portion of this ITB to let me know if you are bidding and email to my address below.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at (970) 245-9343. 
Thank you.
Rick Roberts - Estimator
Ford Construction Company, Inc.