POST BID - Rifle Hanger

Location:        Garfield County Airport, Rifle CO 81650
Accepting Proposals by Email:        No Later than 5:00 pm Wednesday June 1, 2022. 
Ford’s formal bid is due to the client the following day.  Subcontractor and vendor pricing is
requested the Wednesday prior to review and call to discuss if we have questions.

RFI’s:             Are to be submitted by email no later than 10:00 am Wednesday May 25, 2022.
Project Scope:           New construction of a 18,626 SF Hanger, including PEMB shell, as manufactured by Nucor Building Systems and a bi-parting rolling hanger door system as manufactured by Norco.  Project includes development of 1.82 acres, and will include exterior improvements: grading, site utilities, asphalt, site concrete and minimal landscaping.  Building foundation design, spread footing and piers, with concrete slab on grade, containing a radiant floor heating system.  The entire hangar facility will be protected by a wet fire sprinkler system.  A foam fire protection system will not be utilized and has been confirmed with the County one is not required for this project.  Ventilation and High-Bay lighting will be included, as well as one kitchen and one restroom.  Interior building accommodations include restrooms, breakroom, storage and mech/elect rooms.
Taxes:             The project is not tax exempt.  Please include taxes in your proposal.

Bid Form:      The client, has provided a required bid form.  Please breakout your proposal in accordance with the bid form.
Project Schedule:
            Pre-Submittal Question Deadline:      10:00 am Wednesday May 25, 2022
            Deadline for Proposal Submittal:       5:00 pm Wednesday June 1, 2022
            Anticipated Construction Duration:   June 27, 2022 – Oct 27, 2022